American Culture to Appreciate

At the end of June, I packed up my Madrid apartment to leave for the summer. And I started my 20-hour journey to get back to Florida. After living abroad for a year with a thousand new changes, there’s nothing better than walking back into your childhood home. Stepping out of a culture helps you […]

How Money Works in Spain

Currency is something you don’t think about until you’re in a different country and need it to survive. And in Spain, along with the other 19 countries in the European Union, the currency is the Euro (€).1 As of today, it is $1.09 for €1, making it the perfect time to be in Europe! To […]

Easy Come, Easy Go

Opportunities come, and opportunities go. Especially moving abroad. I moved to Spain without knowing where I was going to live or work. Here, it’s like shaping an entirely new life. You have no previous connections to people, whereas in Florida I have relationships stemming all the way back to childhood. This type of situation requires […]

Exploring Spain: Toledo

The past ten days, I’ve been absorbed in Madrid culture. To be honest, I forgot there were even Spanish cities outside of Madrid. But today I went with my Spanish family to Toledo—a town an hour away steeped in history, with Roman, Arab, Christian, and Jewish influences. First in Toledo, the food! We ate in […]

The Small Wins

When you’re living abroad, you have to take note of the little wins. Celebrate the small steps. See what is better today than it was yesterday, and highlight that. Otherwise, life just feels like one big task that is never going to end. And the point of moving abroad isn’t to be filled with worry […]